Lucky Patchwork Envelopes


An ongoing series of jogakbo-style red-envelopes collaged, sewn and embroidered with scraps collected from hand-painted textures I had made over the years. The envelopes resonate with both Korean and Chinese households I live, practice and celebrate in.

Notes ︎︎︎
              Jogakbo, 조각보, is a Korean traditional patchwork created from scraps of left-over fabrics collected from garments such as the hanbok, resulting in a combination of colourful cloth pieces in various colours and shapes. They are used as a type of bojagi, 보자기, wrapping cloth, and can be seen today as a form of gift wrap.
I was initially introduced to bojagi and jogakbo through my colleague and Korean ceramics tutor Shinhye Choi. We often spent time chatting about traditional Korean arts.

             Red envelopes, 红包, are ornate pockets of paper with money inside which are gifted during important occasions such as Lunar New Year, birthdays and weddings. Traditionally in red and gold and adorned with calligraphy and symbols, they represent good luck and well wishes.