In the forests,

Late night walks at Janggunbong Park.


We relived his memories eating at 순대 타운, baek sundae town, in Sillim-dong.
He fondly described his shenanigans as a teenager in the early 2000’s, skipping cram school with friends and stealing grocery store crates to exchange at another grocery store for a dollar.

What did you do with it (the money)?

Oh, we would spend it at the arcade downstairs.

And we sat and ate; in a place embellished with the same charm it had had since in the 90’s. Once a pinnacle of affordable, tasty food popular with students and large gatherings, now looking oddly pale with a few stragglers.
Today I carry the scent of peonies and an injeolmi latte,
Mulling over upcoming curatorial projects, books to read, floristry… moments before rush-hour in Insadong.
The happiest time -
Strolling through the little streets of Gwanak-gu,
The winter chill, like a pleasant breeze amongst the liveliness of vendors and shops,
Passing an abundance of street food: 떡볶이, 호떡, 만두, 어묵, 전...
To come home to the warmth of home-cooked oysters.
Orchids, I adore
by Grandiflora


Treasures in the new year - the lotus blooms in our garden


Atop linen covers in quiet dark,
Midnight brings the sound of rain.