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24 May, 2023

The Farewell Tour
Pop-Up Magazine

The Farewell Tour, Pop-Up Magazine continued...!

From Pop-up Magazine’s Farewell Tour of Unlikely Collaborators’ presentation! 
The piece was presented by Elizabeth Koch from Unlikely Collaborators, alongside live music from Magik*Magik Orchestra.

Many thanks to Danielle Barnhart for sending the photos through ︎!

30 April, 2023

The Farewell Tour
Pop-Up Magazine

The Farewell Tour, Pop-Up Magazine

Stoked to collaborate with Pop-up Magazine on a presentation for their Farewell Tour that went live from Sunday, 30th April at Paramount Centre in Oakland and then to Ace Theatre, Los Angeles and BAM Opera House, New York.

A huge thank you to Unlikely Collaborators, Chas Edwards and AD Alyssa Chavez-Upp from Pop-Up Magazine for the incredible opportunity!  And another huge thank you to my agent Danielle Barnhart for the incredible support, and partner Jeonghoon Lim for helping me collate my art into videos ︎

Some artwork snippets below.

17 April, 2023

My Brother’s Ashes, the Bayou, and an Egnimatic Life

Texas Monthly

My Brother’s Ashes, the Bayou, and an Egnimatic Life, Geoffrey Leavenworth, Texas Monthly

A little piece to accompany Geoffrey Leavenworth’s lovely, personal essay for Texas Monthly.
Leavenworth discusses the surprising family secrets he learned as he wrapped up his brother’s affairs and went on a quest to scatter his ashes in Texas’s Dickinson Bayou.

05 February, 2023

Banner Galleries
The Patchwork Rabbit

Sydney Lunar Festival 2023

Banner Galleries: The Patchwork Rabbit, Sydney Lunar Festival 2023

Thanks for the opportunity Sydney Lunar Festival 2023!
Wrapping up the festivities and hopping into the year 🐇! Best wishes :)

Photo by Jeonghoon Lim

11 September 2022

Riddles 中秋花盛开

The Museum of Chinese Australian History

Riddles for Mid-Autumn Festival, The Museum of Chinese Australian History

Snaps courtesy Ben Qin - thank you ︎!

Can be purchased @ The Chinese Museum.
Fine art giclee print on cotton rag, 1100mm x 200mm, 2022. Limited edition of 30.

01 June - 30 June, 2022

Past Journeys of the Near Future

Transport for NSW

Past Journeys of the Near Future, Transport for NSW

‘Past Journeys of the Near Future’, with my colleague Baron Chau is up and running on Wynscreen at Wynyard Station throughout June ︎
Snap courtesy Baron Chau.  

Screening times:
6am-3pm on odd-numbered days throughout June 2022
3pm-12am on even-numbered days throughout June 2022

03 April, 2022


China Underground

 Interview for China Underground

Interview written by Dominique Musorrafiti, portrait by Jessica Lindsay.
A little screenshot below!

18 March, 2022

Motion in Editorial

Inside Illustration,

Motion in Editorial, Inside Illustration, The Association of Illustrators

Delighted to contribute a little something to Derek Brazell’s  article  ‘Motion in Illustration’ for AOI’s Inside Illustration project!  
In this little article, I was given the opportunity to express my passions for advocating and practicing change to address the environmental issues in our world, especially in the form of editorial illustration.

08 March, 2022


Women 2022,
Planet China 14

 Interview for Planet China, International Women’s Day 

Chuffed to do lovely little feature for International Women’s Day !
Selected pages below!