March 2024


In Seoul!

I will be based in Seoul for roughly a year (+), and be working with some media projects and exhibitions (including some photography). Snippets of my time here can be viewed on my Studio blog.

I’m looking forward to providing some updates with some new, creative perspectives ︎
Take care!

9th - 11th February 2024

Year of the Dragon, Cumberland City Lunar Festival 2024

Cumberland City Council
Year of the Dragon, Cumberland City Lunar Festival 2024, Cumberland City

This year I collaborated with my local council at Cumberland City to create some artwork for the Year of the Dragon! Lunar festivities at Cumberland will be held from 9 - 11th February. There would be a range of cultural performances as well as local cuisine to enjoy!

It is a continuing goal (previously a long-standing dream) to contribute to the cultural and creative richness in my local community - I am incredibly thankful for this!
A huge thanks to the team at Cumberland City Council, Michael Brown from Events and Culture,  and Zoe and Aleksander from Design for the wonderful opportunity!


A small note that my website only has a small selection work, oftentimes rotating around my current musings and interests…
A good bulk of my commercial and personal work is curated and regularly updated on my Behance. I also do some Q&A at Over the Moon ︎

You’re welcome to visit my Journal if you would like to see irregular snippets of my life and behind the scenes.