Past Journeys of the Near Future

2017 - 2021
Transport for New South Wales

Art Direction
Baron Chau
Curatorial Team
Cultural Capital
Curatorial Director
Alessio Cavallaro
Senior Project Manager
Amanda Jelicich-Kane
Technical Director
Hai Train
Woods Bagot
CPB Contractors (Theiss)
Digital Fabrication

As our daily lives become faster, the act of travelling today becomes an embodiment of transition from one place to another; less to do with the experience ‘in-between’ places and more to do with getting to the destination. To rouse lived sensations of rail travel and to commemorate the anniversary of Australia’s first railway, we want to rekindle the historic wonders of the travelling as whimsical, strange, compelling adventures through an enchanted world in-between time and place to a not-so-familiar yet not-so-different Wynyard Station.

The past moves with the present which moves with the future. As the future must be left open, we want to narrate an imaginative history; to tell new tales from past travels. A tale that speculates what ifs, rather than what is, has been or will be.