The Rabbit Lantern

2020 - 2022
The Sydney Lunar Festival,
The City of Sydney

Valerie Khoo
Curatorial Team
Grace Houw, City of Sydney
Gorilla Constructions

The Rabbit Lantern is a large scale illuminated artwork made for The Sydney Lunar Festival 2020 with the City of Sydney. It is one of 12 animals of the Lunar Zodiac represented as a sculptural installation in a free outdoor display that celebrates a centuries-old tradition of Chinese Lanterns with a contemporary twist.

Sitting by Sydney’s harbour, The Rabbit is inspired by playful childhood memories of the popular ‘White Rabbit’ candy. The concept is a nod to my humble childhood, where I did not have the luxury of owning toys but cherished the folded paper forms my parents would fashion out of my favourite wrappers from candies during the Lunar New Year.