The Rabbit Lantern

2020 - 2022
The Sydney Lunar Festival,
The City of Sydney

Valerie Khoo
Curatorial Team
Grace Houw, City of Sydney
Gorilla Constructions

The Rabbit Lantern is a large scale illuminated artwork made for The Sydney Lunar Festival 2020 with the City of Sydney. It is one of 12 animals of the Lunar Zodiac represented as a sculptural installation in a free outdoor display that celebrates a centuries-old tradition of Chinese Lanterns with a contemporary twist.

Sitting by Sydney’s harbour, The Rabbit is inspired by playful childhood memories of the popular ‘White Rabbit’ candy. The concept is a nod to my humble childhood, where I did not have the luxury of owning toys but cherished the folded paper forms my parents would fashion out of my favourite wrappers from candies during the Lunar New Year.

Left to right, top to bottom: 1. Photo of Rabbit in situ, daytime by Jeonghoon Lim, 2. Collage of artwork on the Rabbit, 3. Artwork on the Rabbit, 4. Renders of potential Rabbit designs inspired by a medley of asian candies during the conceptual stage.

Left to right, top to bottom: 1. Photo by Alessio Cavallaro, 2. Rendering of the Rabbit, 3. Photo by Alessio Cavallaro