Women’s Work

Sydney Women’s Fund


Director, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer & Editor
Benjamin Strum

Writer, Producer & Researcher
Melissa Chan

Associate Producer
Caroline Fonda
Miles Horler
Nancy Liang
Motion Designer
Ray Phan
Karin Zhou-Zheng
Graphic Designer
Natalie Thomas
Animation Supervisors
Matthew Fonda & Clara Marcus
Researcher & Statistician
Solai Valliappan
Sound Recordist & Sound Design
Luke Stacey
Second Unit Cinematographer
Jesse Lane
Website Developer
Anne Homann
Education Consultant
Daisy Turnbull
The Jacky Winter Group

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Presented by Sydney Women’s Fund,  ‘Women’s Work’ is a four-part documentary series designed to get women thinking about their financial future. Following the life journey of a typical Australian woman, Women’s Work unpacks what stands in the way of financial independence – and what women can do about it.

- Sydney Women’s Fund

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