My FAQ is still in progress!
I hope to get it mostly complete sometime this year (2023). Thank you for your patience!
For the time being, here are frequently asked Q’s with A’s as of recent!

You haven’t been active on your socials lately; where have you been?
Firstly, thank you for taking your time to reach out to me!
And yes, it’s true!

Sometime after being diagnosed with Moyamoya disease, I had decided to take a step back after feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about my future living with a brain condition.
Social media had also made me incredibly anxious - in the end there were more cons than there were pros using it.
I turned to spending more time offline, trying to live more slowly, peacefully and to be in the world at my fullest. I focused on building on new and existing relationships with my family, friends and the people around me. My priority was to give myself and others the time they deserve: precious and uninterupted.

What are you doing now?
Pretty much the same thing pre-offline!

I still work as an illustrator and dedicate time working on personal projects.
Like most creatives, I have a never-ending to-do list of things I want to make, try, experiment with!
I’ve also been expanding into new territories such as sculpture and textiles, and oftentimes see myself teetering on the edges of being an artist as well! Sometimes I post my shenanigans on my Studio Journal. 

I regularly update my Behance (its sort of a dumping ground for all work). My website is mostly curated to certain interests I have currently - so pieces do come and go, with some making an appearance from the past!

Currently I’m in Seoul with my husband, spending time with our family and befriending adorable street cats!

The best way to contact you?
The best way will always be my email -  nanc.kliang@gmail.com.
I check it everyday and I’m always up for a chat!