Studio and life here and there:
Practicing in Seoul,
by the mountains

Practicing in Sydney
lots of gardening

Waiting for a medley of sunflowers, zucchini,
to bloom and fruit.
Picking some bush beans! 

Surprised with the amount of fruit these little dwarf bushes have been producing.
My only regret is not planting more as this is my first trial.
Seeing how low-hanging and compact they are, perhaps they will work better in pots as it may give some elevation to allow for aeration...

Beetles dipping and zipping
uncoordinated, tangled in my hair.  
As I lay by a net-casting spider at my window,
a black house spider scurries across my thigh

Harvest has been quite wonderful this year!
I’ve been eager to tend the garden in preparation for Spring, but became complacent upon my return to Sydney...
Despite this, the blossoms have been healthy and tasty, a reminder quality is sometimes better than quantity!

Rebecca Horn, Les Amants, The Lovers, The National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

George Baldessin, Pears. 

The perfect day with Pei, Yasuko and Christopher at The National Gallery of Australia in Canberra.

I started a tote bag collection!

Mandarins, taro, golden ginger, shiso,
A field of lettuce for ssam,
Two spontaneous scatterings of old wildflower seeds:
“I may have planted some cosmos!”.

With Yasuko and Pei ︎
The best thing to blossom from Sydney Lunar Festival’s reception this year. I absolutely appreciate all our creative meets!


Last hikes, blossoms on Cheongnyongsan

Having a coffee cafe’, Busan
Having a moment with their signature drink, cute card.

Oh...! - poetry murmured from a friend confronting the unseasonable cold. It followed a tepid week in the Spring.

꽃샘추위,  ggot-saem-chuwi,
The Winter is jealous of flowers.

The National Hangeul Museum
Spring is bursting through the Winter
On Cheongnyongsan; the mountain
behind our place.
I walk the trails to the left,
A sign reads: 산불 조심,
san-bul jo-shim
mountain fire take care,
becareful of forest fires
I walk some more, sit and read for a few hours,
Then walk again.

The National Museum of Korea


Do Ho Suh, Home within Home, Incheon International Airport, Seoul.